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Arbor Grind is a small local business based in Ringwood, Hampshire, covering all surrounding areas, specialising in tree surgery and stump grinding.

Hedge cutting
From reducing in height, to an annual trim or full removal.

Stump grinding
Whether we are felling your tree or it has already been felled and you have an unsightly tree stump we can grind this out to below ground level.

Crown Lifting
We can remove branches to a specific height, retaining a uniform and balanced crown.  

Crown Thinning
We can remove branches which involves the removal of specific branches and foliage within the crown, thus not changing its shape, just thinning it out.

Crown Clean
This means removing dead, dying or diseased wood, stubs of broken branches, crossing/rubbing branches and unwanted epicormic growth.

Crown Reduction
Some trees can be reduced in height/spread whilst still keeping their natural tree shape by reducing their crown. By pruning or cutting back to a certain growth point the original shape of the tree remains.

Straight fell or sectional dismantle of a tree. We have all the equipment to safely dismantle any size tree, keeping the rest of your garden safe.

All works carried out to comply with bs3998:2010 (British Standard for tree work)

For more information or a free quote please call us on
07860 467 952 or 01425 483331 or email us